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daily mandarin learning app for children
I strongly recommend this app for kids!
I'm a Chinese Language Instructor and up till now I haven't seen any app for kids to learn Chinese. This app is so brilliant, it help the kids to learn though activities and also reminds the performance by email, I strongly recommend this app for kids and I love it to the most. Thanks for creating a brilliant App.
useful Chinese learning app for non Chinese
I can't thank you enough!
I used your app. Good app for kids and adults. I even played games. You choose cats and dogs from the box. It's a great app, especially for little kids. I congratulate you. I wish you continued success. but a person who has learned all the pinyins can easily learn Chinese step by step with this app. I found it very successful.
helpful mandarin learning app for kids
It helps a lot for children!
I agree 100% it helps a lot for children especially they are learning a lot. You give hope and value to kids. I will support whatever happens even in a small token, I will support.
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